Hotline and Incident Management Platform

with Soy Etico™ Software


Foster an ethical culture in your company

Why an incident management platform

Increase trust

Employees, customers, suppliers, and investors need to be sure their voice is heard. 

It’s important to foster an ecosystem where people are encouraged to speak up about irregularities. This culture allows people to free up, be more productive, feel part of the company and prevent, rather than react, unethical conduct.

Be compliant

Each day more companies are on their path to becoming fully ethical compliant companies. They are looking for their whole ecosystem to be ethical, hence they are constantly looking for suppliers who can be ethical compliant.

Regulation exists everywhere, and every day more regulation is being introduced to industries. Having a mechanism for people to place a complaint is a regulatory rule on most certifications.


Most common complaints

What worries a company

These are the most common complaints recorded by companies around the world. How many complaints and which type are you receiving today?

Sexual Harrasment
Conflict of Interest
Boss misconduct

Eliminate complaint mismanagement

powerful Platform

With our platform, auditors will have real-time awareness of complaints, statistics about them, and a workflow to close incidents

Never again leave complaints unanswered, with powerful and insightful statistics you can decide and take action with the compliance team. 

Our Plans

We'd love to hear how can we help your company

We have several plans depending on your business needs. Let’s schedule a call for a free consultation to understand your business needs and how Soy Etico could help your compliance department.

Do it Yourself

For the small business or experienced teams looking for a self-served service. 

Multiple channels

We provide the implementation for the service + add several channels to file complaints.

incident Management as a Service

We manage the full cycle of your incidents and provide reports and conclusions.

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